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Why Bloggers should use Pinterest

Two ladies were talking recipes. One lady says to the other, “I found my recipe on Pinterest.” (Sorry but I was eavesdropping.) I’ve heard Pinterest mentioned more times in conversations than Facebook. People turn to Pinterest for information.

Besides information, Pinterest is growing.

Unlike Facebook, a person can follower they don't know. Of all the social media sites I maintain, Pinterest by far grows by followers faster. 


 growth - Imagine a ball in a gravity-free environment. It keeps bouncing and bouncing. Pinterest is like that.

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Consider Pinterest when Blogging. 

A post may be 
repined several times during the course of its existence, which if it’s a great post will be a long time. Facebook and Tweeter average life spans are under an hour while Pinterest is months.  

Digital Marking Research DMR states that 100 million people use Pinterest. That’s a lot of people for a post to continually be repinned.

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