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Put a Saudi princess and a certified genius together and a story unfolds.

Seth Border, Berkeley student, blinks and sees the future. In that future, a princess needs saving.

My Thoughts:

It’s rare I read a book twice since there are so many books I’d like to read. However, “Blink of an Eye,” I reread.

Seth Border has become my favorite character of all times.  His quick wit, smart alec, personality drew me right into the story.

The first scene shows Seth debating with a University professor. “I’ve learned never to engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed person, sir.” And so on goes Seth. Funny.

Phrases like, convention of penguins (At a University awards ceremony.) And she borrowed legs from a horse made for a humorous story. But the humor didn’t take away from the tension.

Seth and Miriam were on the run. Placed in impossible situations, and yet, Seth because of his genius thinking skills escaped.

In the future, I’ll probably visit this book again. It’s that good.

If I had a suggestion to Ted, I’d love to see Seth Borders run for President. Wouldn’t a Presidential debate make a good scene?

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